Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


  1. What is Mcs?
    Here is a link to a web site that explains it

    1. I'm glad I clicked on this link, while enjoying your art, because I'm going to ask my Doctor about my symptoms. About 10 years ago I developed Asthma and it quickly got worse over a 1 1/2 period. Finally my Doctor told me that I had to move from our home in Las Vegas, Nevada to get away from the pollution and some kind of mold in the sand. We moved to Southern Utah (by Zion National Park) not realizing that there are yearly forest fires. So I am captive in my home for most of the year with Air Purifiers and essential oils. Crafting helps keep me sane, when I'm not sick. Maybe looking at MCS will help my Doctor treat me more effectively. I am sorry to hear that you are ill as well but it doesn't seem to stop your creativity and enthusiasm for art. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  2. Thanks for the info, sorry to hear you're suffering from it. Take care my dear friend!

  3. Hi Anne,

    I, too, have MCS for many years... even before it had a name. it was in the early 1980's when people thought it was all in my head and not a real condition.

    sorry to hear you have it since i know it limits your exposure to people who wear perfume, laundry products, etc.

    so happy you have a wonderful hobby that brings joy to your life.

    wishing you the best.

  4. Hi sharon,

    Sorry to hear that you also have MCS. It can be very hard, but i am glad that i can use the most craft products.

    Wishing you also all the best :-)


  5. Hi Anne.. I subscribe on youtube and saw your mini album.. OMG all r very superb!! i love your work.. very nice

  6. I like your creations is wonderful.One question for you, where you buy the paper graphic 45.


  7. hi anne i think your work is beautiful and i like the way you guide the work.happy day of scrapbook.

  8. Anne, I have admired your crafting prowess from afar (Melb. Australia) for years now. Each and every project leaves me astounded at the depth of your creativity. I have been making cards for a few years now, but have never taken on any of the bigger projects that you have done as I have always thought that they would be way out of my abilities. I am bed-ridden 24/7 with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, with my hands becoming increasingly harder to use, but something strange happened to me whilst I was watching your tutorials for this amazing box and mini. Usually I would automatically say to myself, "Oh that's so beautiful...wish I could make it!"...but today I found myself, writing down the supply list and looking online for places to purchase them all. I just stopped for a cup of coffee (thanks to my amazing husband of 29 years), and all of a sudden I realised that somehow, after all this time watching you, I had 'absorbed' (for lack of a better word), your quiet confidence and now felt ready to tackle my first 'big' project!! I first have to finish my Xmas cards and then will be having surgery on my hands in January, so it may be February before I get to start, but now I know that I can....and I will ! So I just wanted to thank you, for the extra time you take to make these tutorials for people like me who don't have the imagination and skill to make things like this from scratch. It means the world to me and I hope that sometime in the early part of next year I will be able to take a few photo's of my 'first project' and send them to you. May you enjoy a Blessed Christmas season with your family and friends....take care....Alison.