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Tutorial and measurements for the house boxed Children`s Hour Mini Album

Hi everyone :-)
Here is the tutorial with measurements for the house box for the children`s hour mini album.
The stand, box,stair and roof is made separate so you can make this as a box with stand or just as a box if you don`t like to make it as a house.
I have used Bazzill chipboard in 1/8 and 1/16 thickness but you can also recycle household chipboard and layer them together. Just make sure the stand is study. 
You may also adjust the measurements a bit depends on how thick your chipboard is and how you glue the chipboard pieces together.
Measurements for the stand

Video of the finish house box and mini album

Seen from the front.
The stair fence, window and door die is from Memory box and the fence die on the balcony is from Diamond Dies.

Measurements for the stand.

Glue together with 1 inch paper strips scored at 1/2 inch

I also like to glue on hinges on top inside before I glue on the top plate.

Measurements for the drawer.

It is most easy to glue the front panel on when the drawer is inside the box so you get the same height as the box.

Made 2 layer pencil holders. Cut the paper a bit smaller than  the wide inside the drawer. The 1. I score at every 1/2 inch and the 2. every 3/8 inch. Glue on every 3. and fold .
You need almost 2 strips of paper for each.
I glued the top layer on thin chipboard to make it study.

1. pencil holder finish.

Finich with pencils and markers.

Also made a support box under the stand and cover it and the feet with felt so it won't be so noisy when you move it. I cut 7 and 4 1/4 x 1/2 inch chipboard strips and glued them together with hinges. Then covered the top and bottom with this chipboard to the same high as the feet. 

Measurements for the box.
If you need more space inside you can cut the sides 1/2 inch higher. 
More close up pictures of the measurements bellow.

I used Tyvek evelopes for the hinges and cut them in 1 1/2 inch strips.
You can also use other strong materials such as vinyl or thin fabric.
I used xyron sticker maker for the glue.
Glue on on side to the bottom part like shown on the picture.

Then fold up the side and glue the hinge up.

Here you can see there is a gap in between the chipboard pieces.

Then take one more strip and glue it on one side, press down in between the gap and glue it to the other side.

Now it should look like this and make sure it folds easy up.
Continue gluing all the pieces together. 

On the left side I also glued a chipboard strip so it looks the same around the box.

The side pieces goes inside the front and back pieces.

Close up picture for the box.
Used a black marker in between the folds so the white does not show up.
Also added 5 magnets under the box and on top of the stand so they hold together in place.

 Close up picture for the lid. Here I placed 12 mm magnets around the sides.
Then added magnets with glue on top, folded the lid over the box and pressed down to the sides of the box. That makes the closure for the box. 

 Measurements for the roof.
Cut the square out on the front 1 7/8 from the bottom.

Sides of the roof.

 Glue together with hinges so the sides fit the top of the box.

The 2 balcony pieces measure 3 1/4 x 2 1/4. Glue on with hinges and measure the sides.
It is best to glue the 2 balcony pieces on the front first when the roof is standing on the box so you get the balcony straight on.

Here you can see the balcony sticks a bit out from the roof.
The fence is made out of a die from Diamond dies. I used 3 layers glued together with multi medium matte to make it study.

Use the template for the side roof  and make it about 3/8 inch shorter to make a support for the lid inside.
Cut a strip of chipboard 3/4 x 6 and glue it on the side of the inside roof and add the smaller side panel on the side

. I used 3 magnets on the top of the side under the border and inside the lid for the closure.

Measurement for the roof inside lid.

Measurements for the pipe.
I used the roof side template to make the angle.

 Glue it on with hinges about 1 1/2 inch from the roof top and 1 3/4 from the right side.
Then I also glued on a lid with hinge and a strip of tyvek with a magnet for the closure.

There is a " secret" room inside the pipe to store an eraser or some other goodies :-)

Measurements for the stairs.

Glue on the backside and bottom part with hinges.
Then cut the stairs to fit and glue on with hinges.
I cut the stairs at 1 inch and glued them on to support the side up stairs. Then cut the side up steps to fit.

For the stair fence I used a die from Memory box and cut out some more balusters from the end of the die to make it longer on top. I used 3 layers and glued them together.
Also decided to cut out a panel on the backside to make a secret little room. ( this would have been much more easy to do before I glued it all together :-)
Added magnets on backside and also 2 on the front drawer so they hold together.

Finish stair added to the box drawer with fussy cut out images.

Now you can decorate the house as you like :-)

Seen from the side.


And the other side.

I have a tutorial on how to glue chipboard together and here is the link

Here is the link to the finish boxed house mini album with a lot of pictures,

Here is the link to the page tutorial where I show how to construct the pages with a pocket and flaps and also show how to decorate the March pages. 

Supply list :
Graphic 45 Children`s hour paper collection, claw feet and ornate metal door pull. I used all 3 sizes of the papers and a chipboard cut out.
Dies from Memory box and Diamond dies, Chipboard and black paper from Bazzill.Tyvek envelope.glue and magnets.

Here is the link to an Ebay seller for strong magnets,
Just type in 12x1mm magnets in the search felt.

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link, other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Hope this is inspiring and helpful!
Have fun creating :-)


  1. Hallo Anne,
    Your new creation is really amazing beautiful.
    Mvg Gina

  2. How gorgeous and
    fun this little
    house is!
    Carla from Utah

  3. супер!очень-очень хорошо!

  4. Awesome. A wonderful work of art. I love everyone of your jobs or projects. I'm a very avid follower of yours and love to try to do some of your beautiful creations for my own personal enjoyment and collections only. I only wish I could really make them as you show us how. Thank you so much for sharing..


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