Friday, March 25, 2016

6 x 4 Mini Album Booklets Ideas featuring Graphic 45 Cityscapes and Children's Hour

Hi everyone :-)
Had so fun making this 6x4 mini album booklets using the new masculine Cityscapes and Children's Hour collections from Graphic 45. There will be a start to finish video tutorial for the Cityscapes album and also will show how to make the base for the Children's Hour booklet.
These can be used as a travel journal,as an insert in a mini album or as a little mini album you can take with you to show pictures to family and friends.
Sweet and grunge together :-)


The Children's Hour booklet has one page for each month and I made it to go inside the roof in the Children's Hour house box. This can be used to take some photos out of the album and take with you and show to family and friends :-)
January on the front.

The album folds out on each side.

 And closes with a magnetic belly band

 February and Mach.

When you fold out the Mach page April and May pages show up.

Album all folded out

 There are pockets on each page so a photo can be put inside.

Or use small photos on the tags with journaling.

 When you flip the album around you see the June page on the backside.

Inside the July and August pages.

August page flips out and under is the September and Oktober pages.

In the middle is the November and December pages.

All folded out from the backside.

Without the tags.

 Had to use the image on the backside of the decor paper for the boxed house mini album so then I made a window to cover up the missing part :-)

 Front of the Cityscapes travel mini album. Wanted this to look a bit old and well used so I used a lot of Distress ink and also went around the pages with a black paint dabber.
Used Chipboard frame on the belly band and the metal corners are from butterbeescraps.

 There can be put a photo inside the chipboard frame.

 Made this as a horisontale album but it can also be decorated and used vertical.
1.fold out.

 2. fold out.
Used the pockets and tags and also key and key hole from G45.

 3. fold out.

4. fold out.

Then the album can be folded all the way out.

Without the tags. In the middle there is place for journaling and also to hold some tickets or memorabilias.

The other side.

 Without the tags.

Backside of the album.

The belly band closes with magnets.

Old looking picture :-)

Supply list :
Graphic 45 Cityscapes and Children's Hour 12x12- 8x8- 6x6- chipboard cut outs , pockets and tags,Policy Envelopes, brads, key and key hole from Graphic 45. Chain, Metal corners,black Bazzill cardstock, distress ink, Black paint dabber,pop dots, glue, chain and magnets

Here is the link to the tutorial on how to make this 6x4 mini album booklets,

And here is the link to the video where I show the Children's Hour house box mini album where I will put the Children's Hour booklet album inside the roof,

Here is the link to my fussy cut video tutorial,

Here is the link to an Ebay seller for strong magnets,
Just type in 8x1mm magnets in the search felt.

Here is the link to butterbeescraps,

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link, other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Thank you for stopping by and for your always sweet comments!
Have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. Dear Anne, I want to thank you so much for all the inspiration you gave us every day!!!! with out doubt I feel so lucky learning so much from you, After I distress and textured my papers I use now pan pastel and the effect is so pretty, I want to share with you one of my recent albums, my own!!! Thank you always!!! regards from Cabo, México :D

  2. Anne YOU ARE THE BESTEST.. The MOST creative person i have ever seen in the paper crafting wold.. Stay Blessed and Happy Always.. and THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing all your work and techniques with all of us <3

  3. Dear Anne, I'm so anxious waiting what's going to be your next project with the beautiful graphic 45 new paper collection!!! You're amazing!!, Saludos from Cabo, Mexico 😘

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  5. Hi Anne, I am getting withdrawal symptoms. Looking forward to your next project.

  6. Anne, I hope you are well. Thank you for your inspiring projects and sharing your talents with us! I hope to see another of your amazing paper creations soon.
    Kind regards

  7. Hi Anne! I haven't seen any of your wonderful creations lately. I know life can sometimes interfere with our creative time, I just hope all is well with you and your family.

  8. Hi Anne! Will you be making something for Halloween? I always look forward to seeing your amazing Halloween projects.

  9. Just found your YouTube channel and I am in awe! I've already put your ideas into practice; I've been fussy cutting for days. LOL You haven't posted in a while - I hope you are doing well. Let us hear from you soon.

  10. Hi, Anne, I love your creations! I hope you and your family are well. Looking forward to more of your beautiful creations!

  11. You are always so busy creating and sharing your work. I am sure many of your followers are noticing your absence. Just wanted to say hope you and your family are OK.

  12. I to have been worried to not see any beautiful creations from you. Very surprised that it has been so many months. I knew you wanted to take a break the year before for family and gardening. I'm sure your aware how deeply your artistic talents are missed and hope you have used the time away for good reasons and all is well in your world. I imagine the pace you make things is exhausting but so many people wait patiently for what you will come up with next. Kindest regards

  13. You are so very kind to share all your ideas and hard work with us..You are a wonderful teacher..
    Thanks so much for doing all your videos they are

  14. Hi Anne, I Know want to wish you a happy holidays and a very amazing new year, my best thinking for you and your family. Miss you a lot. Big hug from Spain. Elena:-)

  15. Hi Anna,
    I hope everything is good with you and family. Is been almost a year I haven't seen you or heard from your You Tube channel or the blog.
    We all missed you and your beautiful worked. Hope to see you soon.
    Please let us know. Happy New Year.

  16. Happy New Year everyone and thank you all so much for your sweet and kind comments! :-) I am still creating and hope to be back later. Have fun creating :-)

  17. Oh! I am happy to know you are well! I have followed your work for quite some time now and was becoming more and more worried about you. You are absolutely amazing. Please do what brings you joy...even if it's not in the paper crafting world! Thank you for sharing your stunning work and awesome talent with us.

  18. I'm so happy to see your post. I have followed your work for awhile and have projects to last quite some time however, I look forward to seeing your new creations. Blessings for a wonderful future. Hugs xx

  19. Oh, Anne, I'm so happy to see your comment! I was becoming concerned as it has been so long since your last post! I have learned so much from you and your videos are so warm and friendly I feel as though we are friends. I'm glad you are well and looking forward to hearing from you again!

  20. I am happy to know you are going to be back with us. You are dearly missed. I hope everything is well with you and your family.

  21. I am happy to know you are going to be back with us. You are dearly missed. I hope everything is well with you and your family.

  22. I really enjoy your tutorials. I lived in Germany back ithe 60s. My son was born in Heidelberg. Beautiful country. Yoare amazing. Thank you for your good tips

  23. I really enjoy your tutorials. I lived in Germany back ithe 60s. My son was born in Heidelberg. Beautiful country. Yoare amazing. Thank you for your good tips

  24. I know I don't really know you but I miss you. You are such an inspiration and a wonderful lady and I truly hope your life is as you wish it to be.x

    1. I totally agree. I miss Anne's quirky fun tutorials and mind blowing creations!

  25. You are absolutely brilliant!! I kind of stumbled onto your videos on youtube (or Graphic 45) several years ago. I am so appreciative of your generosity with sharing your talents with us. It was because of your videos that I started doing interactive mini albums. You are so patient, clear and detailed that I was able to follow your instructions and make several albums for my family to enjoy. I truly miss new videos that you produce because you always amaze me with your creativity. You are awesome! and I wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors!


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