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Graphic 45 Communique Clock Lamp With a Configuration Box Inside - Free Template For The Clock Lamp

Hi everyone :-)
Had so fun making this clock lamp with a mixed media photo album/ journal inside and used the new released Deluxe collector`s edition Communique papers from Graphic 45 again.There is also a sort of configuration box inside the book box Below you can find a tutorial with free templates on how to make this 3D chipboard clock lamp.Made it in a grunge style and wanted it to look old and worn.


 I used Ground espresso and vintage photo distress ink, Inka gold browngold to make this project a bit grunge and old looking :-)
Inside the book box middle part I made a sort of a configuration box with tiny mini albums and ephemera pieces.

 Close up picture.I had so much fun making this small pieces :-)

Made some tiny paper books, decorated bottles and other fun things to put inside the book box.
 The tiny hat folds out like a little book.

Here is my tutorial on how to make these books

Some of the little pieces I glued inside

 Close up picture of the lamp shade. Used a Steel Structure base and covered the inside and outside with black cardstock before I added decor paper.

 Under the lamp shade there are some pencil sharpeners  inside a globe and bell.

Seen from the side without the album inside.

The box on the side holds some tags and this pencil that folds out for some journaling.
The box can also be used to hold a phone.

On the backside you can see the electric cord and a clip from Tim Holtz.

There is also a little album in a "secret" room under the book box.

This can be used for pictures or journaling.

Here you can see the lightning. Picture taken in the evening.

And in day light :-)

Free Templates and measurements
You may have to adjust all this measurements a bit depends on how thick your chipboard is and how you glue it together.

Cut out the chipboard like show on the picture. Glue together with hinges.
I used 2mm chipboard from Bazzill but you can also layer thinner chipboard together.
The small pieces you need to cut to size after you glued on the sides and back on top of the bottom plate. Glue the 2 inner sides so the opening will be 9 inch to fit te album. I made it tight to make the mixed media album look like a drawer but if you want to give it more room you can make the sides a bit higher. 

I used the mixed media album  ( black) from Graphic 45 to make it look like a drawer.

Cut out 4 pieces for the lamp holder and glue together with hinges. Glue them together in a "circle" so all the sides measure the same.
I did cut mine down to 11 inch but this again depends on how large your lamp holder and lampshade is.

For the middle part I used the book box from G45. Painted around because I did not have it in black.
Cut a hole on the top to fit the lamp holder in the middle and right up to the backside.
I also cut a large hole on the front to fit the clock.
Cut out chipboard on top and bottom to make the inner box a bit higher than the cover around the box so it can be open when you glue it all together.
Drill a hole on the backside about 1 inch from the bottom for the cord. This is best to do after you put on the decor paper :-)

Cut out 12 x 3/4 inch black paper and start rolling around a knitting pin and continue rolling between your fingers to make it even. It is easy to roll the paper if you first wet it down a bit with a cloth.

 Cut out chipboard squares and glue them on top of each other. Paint around and glue the tubes under on the bottom part.

Make a top for the book box . Cut a hole to fit the lamp stand in the middle about 1 5/8 from the back. ( This is a bit larger than shown on the picture bellow because I think it was to small )

Glue on pattern paper before you glue all the pieces together.

I used a wire lampshade and made a template from paper. Cut it in the middle and trace around on pattern paper.

Glue shelves to fit inside with hinges.

Measurements for the side boxes. The right is a bit bigger because the box goes a bit in on this side.
Glue together with hinges

Glue the claw feet on after you put the decor paper on the sides and bottom.
Use strong glue and bind a ribbon around to hold them tight into the box util the glue is dried. Added some bottles after I bound the ribbon around to hold it tight. 
I also made a support in the middle by cutting out 4 x 1 inch and the same high as the feet in  chipboard and glue them together as the lamp stand so it will hold its shape and prevent the feet to bend out.

If you like to see how I glue 3D chipboard together here are a couple of my video tutorials :-)

Finish decorated :-)

Here is the link to the mixed media album blog post,

Supply list:
Communique 12x12 paper pad, claw feet, door knokkers, mixed media album,book box. tags,metal buttons all from Graphic 45. 2mm chipboard and black paper from Bazzill, glue, black paint, electric cord and lamp holder, lamp shade, clock, Ground espresso and vintage photo distress ink, Inka gold browngold and some decor pieces :-)

Here is the link to Graphic 45 blog

And facebook page,

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link, other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Hope this tutorial is helpful and inspiring. 
Have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. très belle réalisation et beaucoup de charme

  2. Fantastic as usual.Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons.

  3. Wow! You are si amazing. This is such a great project. I will try to reproduce it for sure. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Wow! You are si amazing. This is such a great project. I will try to reproduce it for sure. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  5. This is truly fantastic, came across it looking at G45 communique pictures on google. You may have been asked but is the little photographs album in a tutorial? Thanks for all of your lovely work.

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    1. The video is posted under the 1. picture in this post Eileen. Have fun creating :-)

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