Friday, August 21, 2015

Castle box tutorial for the Gilded Lily mini album

Hi everyone :-)
Here is the tutorial on how to make the castle box for the Gilded lily mini album.
Used the 12x12 8x8 and 6x6 paper collection and chipboard cut outs from Graphic 45 

Doors open with the album inside.

Lightning and crowns for the towers.

Measurements for the castle box.
I started with a 1,5 mm thick chipboard . Cut it 8 1/2 and used Tim Holtz edge die to make the shape on top.

Template for the double door. Used a craft knife to cut this out.
I used metal hinges on the sides of the doors to make them open and close.

Measurements for the stairs.

 Glue together with hinges. Be sure to glue the top stairs inside the up stairs so it don`t get any higher than 2 inch. If they get higher you can just adjust the door a bit up.
Cut a bottom part to fit inside the stairs.
I cut my hinges 1 inch and score at 1/2.

Measurements for the backside.

Middle parts.

Glue the stairs to the front. Then the middle parts and backside with hinges.
To make it study I also cut out some panels inside on top and bottom.
Measurements on the picture

Measurements for side boxes. If the stairs are higher than 2 inch you need to adjust the 2 inch to match the stairs.

Glue together  one of the 9x2 and 2 of the 9x1 1/4 with hinges and cut side panels to fit.

Then glue the 9 x 2 inch panel on top.

Copy the front shape up about to fit the wide.
I think I copy it up about 50 %

Glue on the side boxes as shown on the picture.

 Measurement for the balcony. Cut out 3 of the Spellbinders die and layered 1 1/2 to make 2 strips   using multi medium matte. Glue then the border around the balcony.

Here are the measurements for the 2 side towers also if you want to make them as well :-)
Cut 6 strips 9 x 2 for each tower.
Made a window using Tim Holtz movers and shapers sized arches die. Place the die about 4 1/4 from the bottom.

Glue together with hinges.

Cut out a bottom part to fit by either tracing around the shape or use a tool and set it to a bit over 2 inch.

Cut out a middle floor to fit inside ( use the same shape as the bottom but a bit smaller ) and glue on hinges on top and under.
Used my left over chipboard to make a 4 inch hay column to support the middle floor.
Glue the floor inside so it fits about 1/4 under the window.

Cut out 6 triangles for each tower.

Glue together with hinges.

Cut the arche window in 2 for the shutters and I used Tim Holtz  2 inch circle die and cut it in half for the balcony.

 Now it is finish to be decorated :-)

Used 10 cut outs from this Sizzix die. Scored them in half and glued back to back to make this dimensjonale crown. Used Tim Holt distress spray and inka gold to make a pink vintage color.

Supply list:
Gilded Lily collection from Graphic 45, 1 1/2mm thick chipboard ( you can also layer serial boxes together to get a study base ), Ranger multi medium matte, glue, craft knife,score board and dies.

Here is the link to the finish decorated castle box for more close up pictures,

I have some video tutorials on how to glue together boxes with hinges and here is the link to a couple of them,
How to make a chipboard dog house mini album holder part 1 

How to make a chipboard stand for mini albums from start to finish part 1 

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link, other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Hope this tutorial was inspiring and that you can maybe make one for a little princess :-)
Have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. You are amazing. This is stunning!

  2. it is beautiful Anne I love it xxx

  3. Wow Anne, you have such wonderful talent!
    All the best

  4. Anne, such stunning work, you are so inspiring. Thank you for your tutorial. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. I am constantly amazed at what you do. I want to be your neighbor and peek over your shoulder as you create. You are a paper artist of the finest quality.

  6. This is absolutely stunning. What a creative mind you have. I just stumbled onto your videos on youtube then clicked to your blog. All your crafts are amazing. I wish I had talent like yours.

  7. This is a lovely way to use the Gilded Lilly paper. It looks great but no surprise at your ingenuity and skill yet again your work is fabulous and you generosity at sharing too, thank you.

  8. This is such a stunning project - I'm using your tutorial as a guideline with the Graphic 45 Enchanted 45 papers.
    I have a question about the height of the chipboard and paper you use. You have a 14 1/2" height - and we, in the U.S. are only able to obtain chipboard at 12"x12". Do you think that piecing two pieces of chipboard and hinging on both sides would make it strong enough stand on its own? I really want to make it, but can't find any chipboard that is over 12" square. Thanks for your insight. I have made several of your projects and I always receive lavish compliments for them! So, I thank you for your generosity in sharing!

  9. Im trying to make the album and the castle box f o r it but since i could not get the gilded lily paper collection i am using a mix of paper but im a little stuck after i made the stairs i dont really see an explanation as to how to build the bottom base or how to make the door open n close like yours could you please help me with that thank you i have a niece who will be born in june and i really want to make this a special gift for her. So i would be extremely greatful for all your help.


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