Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kaisercraft Blue bay 9 x 6 mini album part 2

Hi everyone :-)
Here is part 2 of the Blue bay mini album.

2. Page backside and 3. page front


This is also a flip page and on the top there is a frame pocket with some tags inside and on the top is a quote fastened with a magnet.

The top flips down and here is a large photo mat that can be taken out.
Pocket under for tags. Film strip from Tim Holtz.

Then it flips up with an other photo mat fastened with magnets and a custom tag under on the page.
Camera die from Tom Holtz. Also tags inside the pockets on the left

3. page front.
Key die from TH fastened on a clock hat can be taken of.
Door can be opened and there is a tag inside.

Tag inside.

The front flap opens to the left.
Typewriter die from Tim Holtz.

And it folds out one more time. Banners fastened with a hand die from Tim Holtz with a magnet.
Telephone die is also from TH.

THe flap also fold the other way for more space for photos.Quote fastened with magnets.

Then the 2. layer folds out to the right.

Under the plap page there is an other page. Film strip punch from EK Success.

3. backside and 4. page front

Made a sort of a house with opening in the middle.
silhouette dies from TH.

The whole page with a large tag in the left pocket.

Widows and door can open and close with magnets.

Inside the house there is  some more photo mats, custom made tags and a frame fastened with magnets. 

Then the middle part folds up for more spaces for photos :-)

When the house is closed up it folds up one more time.

Here you can see the tag in the left pocket. Key and key hole from TH.

4. front page.
We remember moments strip is cut out to the end and there is a magnet under to fasten the tags.

Flap folds out to the right and holds some tags and a door that can be opened.
Custom made tag and frame holds in place with magnets.

The flap can also be taken out and there are some more photo mats and tags inside.
Pocket on the right side for a large tag.

4. backside page and backside cover.

4. backside page with a belly band in the middle.
Here is a clock closure and on the belt there are pockets to hold some tags.
Spinners are from TH fastened with a brad.

The clock folds down and the belt folds up.
Feather pen and ink bottle die and film strip are from TH.
Key on the bottom is a die from Magnolis

The page folds up and the photo mat on the top is fastened with magnets.
Pocket on the bottom page with tags.

Backside cover with angle pockets.
Arrow die from Spellbinders and the alphabet punch is from Martha Stewart.

The angle pockets folds out and there are more custom made tags inside.

2 photo mats in a film strip pocket and the typewriter die is from TH

Close up picture of the inside cover closure

Heart punch from EK Success can fold out for a tiny hidden message. Butterfly punch from Martha Stewart.

All folded out.

Seen from the top.

The cover

Here is the link to part 1

And here is the link to the cards to go with the album,

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And here is the link to how to make pockets,

Here is a link to an Ebay seller for strong and cheap magnets,

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,
For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Thank you so much for stopping by and all your sweet comments :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. This is amazing. I love watching your videos on what you create. It inspires me to attempt to re-create your projects. You are truly an exceptionally talented lady. Keep up the great work of creating and sharing. Hope to be as great as you are one day xx

  2. Nallo Anna,
    You are selling their beautiful albums?


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