Thursday, February 12, 2015

Toilet Paper Roll Spinner Desktop Organizer Caddy - tutorial

Hi everyone :-)
Here is a tutorial on how to make a spinner desktop organizer made out of toilet paper rolls. used the beautiful an ABC primer collection from Graphic 45 and I am so happy they have made a Deluxe collector edition with this paper line. It has so many gorgeous images to fussy cut out :-)

Made this for G45 Facebook February organizer challenge and if you like to participate make an organizer project with G45 papers and upload a photo to they`r FB page to get the chance to win $ 75 prize is the link to they`r FB page, 
Label it February Challenge. Good luck to everyone :-)

Used 12 toilet paper rolls for this desktop organizer but you can also use kitchen towel paper rolls.

This was so fun to make and this will make a great gift for a child tat begins in school or as a teacher gift.

This has a Lazy Susan bearing under so it can spin around but this can also be made as a square standing in your craft room or work space.

Would also be fun to make this as a baby shower gift with the new precious memories from G45 and fill it with some baby powder, brushes and more :-)

 Here are some close up pictures.
I glued some of the images together before I glued them down on black cardstock with multi medium matte

Love making scenes :-)
The blue images I colored in with a green pencil to change the color. Show how to in the video.

Curled some borders from the paper line random around the desktop organizer and made sure all the storage "rooms" still had easy access.

All the images are fussy cut out and edged with a black Zig pen. Then glued on black cardstock with multi medium matte to make them strong. Then I cut a bit on the outside of the image to create a more depth in the scene.So fun to puzzle the images together into a scenes :-)

What goodies are you eating little friend?
I am eating porridge. Do you want some?

Some times it is hard to learn and...

                                                       sometimes it is easy and fun :-)

Seen from the top with an image inside.

Seen from the top

Here I made a " clip" out of 2 clocks.

Have some clips glued on clocks  fastened around to hold some notes.

He is trying to change the time but he does not understand that the moment is now :-)

 Here are some pictures with accessories inside the organizer.

Seen from the other side.

When we don`t have the tool we need we have to make some ourselves :-)

Measured up 1 1/4 on each side and cut of.

in progress

Also made a little booklet to go with it.

Had a leftover chipboard frame that I glued on the back.

Frame inside to ad a photo.
All the blue images I changed the color to green by using a pencil and a blender pen.

The spinner desktop organizer with the little booklet.
Rotates around and...

                                                                          Around :-)

This can be made with many different papers and for different purposes. It can be made in a many style for men tools, Steampunk, Knitting and crochet tools with the yarn ball in the middle, baby cream, brush and baby powder,TV control and pencils in the living room and of course in your craft room.
Think I will make many more of this later and i would also be great to make with some laces and bling for a shabby chic style :-)

Supply list,
ABC primer paper collection from Graphic 45, 12 toilet paper rolls or kitchen towel rolls,chipboard,black cardstock,glue, black paint, magnets, Lazy Susan bearings and a good cup of coffee :-)

Here is the link to my fussy cut video tutorial,

Here is the link to Fine tip glue applicator,

Here is the link to an Ebay seller for Lazy Susan bearings,

And here is the link to an Ebay seller for strong magnets,

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,
For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Hope this tutorial was helpful and that you will give it a try :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. Wow!!! Very beautiful, creative and full of details!!!! so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Such an elaborate project!!! Awesome!

  3. Wow, Amazing project, thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiration. This has inspired me to do something with the grandchildren.Thank you..

  4. This is so stunning! I love this paper too. Oh my, I can see I will need to buy at least 2 packs of it ;P

  5. Wow, this is so wonderful. I'm speechless. You are so great!

  6. This is stunning! One of the nicest ways I have ever seen to use old toilet roles. Love this Anne :)

  7. woowww, cuando yo lo vi pense, esto es una escultura..Hermosaaa!!! pero o sorpresa porque tiene una utilidad felicidades Anne, divino proyecto ;)

  8. Not sure my last comment made it on here..but, you did an awesome job on this!! I LOVE how you made that pencil line maker for where to cut the rolls!! Very smart!!! Thank you for sharing this Anne!!! ......Pam


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