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How to make hinges, spines and binding for mini albums and journals

Hi everyone :-)
Here is part 2 for basic scrapbooking and craft tutorial on how make hinges, spines and binding for mini albums, journals and photo albums for beginners .In this part I will show how to make different page binding such as hinge to hinge page binding, floating hinges page binding, accordion page banding, elastic, thread and hair clip page binding. And also some page pockets techniques to make your own photo album .

Video tutorial

 Here are the measurements for the pocket hinge to hinge page.
This you can make any size you like :-)


Will show in the video how to glue them together.

 Spine measurements.
 Measure the with of your album and add on 1/2 inch on each sides for the regular spine and 1 1/2 for the expandable spine.

If you use the spine template on the right above the pages will lay flat when you open the album,

 Here you can see how it looks from the top.

If you use magnets inside the spine it will lay flat to the spine.

Elastic, thread and hair clip binding for pages and pocket pages. 

Here I used hair clips to fasten the page to the spine.
This is great for a cookbook or a journal if you like to take the pages easy out.

Measurement for the pocket page on the left.
This you can make any size you like :-)

Floating hinges are great for different size of your pages in albums or for a journal with envelopes.

Close up picture of the hinges.

Add as many hinges and pages as you like :-)

Template for the accordion folded page binding.
Depends on if you like your folds to go in or out you start folding the opposite way for the different shapes.

these can fold either alternately in and out or unfold the inner folds to the outside.
Sorry bad explanation but will show more in the video :-)

Fold the middle lines between the hinges in or out.

Close up picture of the 2 different folding using the same template
The left fold out and the right folds in between the hings for the pages.

Here you can see the valley folding hinges glued on the cover.

Close up picture of the folding in between the pages.

Glue light weight chipboard or paper pages on the hinges and now it is  lot of room under so the pages will lay flat when you flip through the pages.
It is best to glue something strong such as Tyvek envelope or 2 pages together to get it study and strong.

Hinges folded up.

 Template for the accordion folded page binding with smaller space between the pages

Here the folding lines between the hinges are folded out .

An other mini album with chipboard pages with the larger template folded out between the hinges. 

easy and fast to make :-)

Seen from the top. Here I put in a pocket page and show how to make it in the video.

Close up picture of the folding out between the pages.

Chipboard and pocket pages together.

Then you can decorate it with some beautiful papers :-)

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Hope this tutorials was helpful and that you can use some ideas :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. Anne, THANKS, THANKS a LOT for your work and description of the prosess! Really great work!!!!

  2. As all ways clear an presice instructions you are a very talented lady many thanks for your video and instructions thanks Lorraine

  3. Thank you Anne for sharing your video and mesurements, such a big help �� Thank you so much ❤️


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