Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mixed media Halloween castle configuration box with a spooky adventure story

Hi everyone :-)
Made a castle configuration box for the backside of a Halloween mini album that I will share in the next post.
Had so fun putting bits and pieces together and getting my hands dirty again lol.
Used a lot of different mixed medias in this project such as crackle paint,stickles,inka gold,paints,inks and more. Dies from Tim Holtz, Sissix, spellbinders,memory box and quick kutz


once upon a time there was an old couple who built a large spectacular castle in the woods where no one ever had been. There they lived a long and happy life and when they`r time was up the skeletons and witches took over ....
Here is the 1.part of the story.
To be continued....

Creepy skeleton...

He sits on the top of the castle and watch so no one can enter the castle.....

He also have an owl to help him.
Owl die from Sizzix and the skeleton crown is made with a Stampin up punch.

Beside he has some bottles to drink from if he gets thirsty.

On the end of the castle shelf he has a little helper but he most like to dream and watch out of the world...
He is made out of beads from Butter Bee scraps

But he looks scary right?

They do have a lot off books to read in if they wonder of something or just are boring. 

Also have a reading lamp when it gets dark.

Lantern from Tim Holtz

Crystal bowl is also good to look into for see what happen. 

Some ghosts and bats are also flying around to make it cozy for them :-)

Some bone spare parts are always good to have. Here they're stored in a bottle but must be used before they become to bone dust.
All rub ons from Tim Holtz.

Hanging bottle is difficult to reach for others than the ghosts and bats.The spider watches it so no one can take it.

Nice to have a good amount of bone parts in case some one steels some of they`r bones.
(The witches who lives inside the album in some houses LOVE to take some from them )

Here is an extra eye and a large hand if needed.

Lots of small skeleton heads in a dome. A bit creepy  but good to have if they want to make more children.

Skeletons also like to look a bit pretty some times and love to look into the mirror on the wall.

This was the story for the configuration box. More to follow in the nest episode video :-)

Here is the link to Butter Bee Scraps store,

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the adventure story:-)
Hugs, Anne

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,
For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,


  1. Wow! Awesome! I love it, I desire it! It really touches!

  2. Anne, your work is stunning and inspirational!Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Jaw dropping! This left me totally speechless! I love it!!!

  4. wow, wow I'm really speachless and very, very impressed!!! sooo many spooky creative details in a fantastic Halloweenproject. Many thanks for this great inspiration, I love it! Greetings, Kerstin

  5. Anne, this castle is so clever . As usual, it is wonderful!


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