Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft room storage organizing

Hi everyone :-)
Have done some reorganization in my craft room and I thought I share this fabulous storage system from Totally Tiffany The Scrap Rak
Before I stored my stamps in this boxes in the drawers and it was not easy to find the stamps I was looking for and ended up not using them.

Here I have mounted up the Scrap Rak and also fastened with velcro an extra base so I got my self a lot of storage place for all my stamps.

Bought the storage tray`s for my stamps and
love how this came out! So easy to see all my stamps now :-)

Also bought some storage pages  to store my dies.
Used magnet sheets in the pockets. So easy to see what I have now :-)

For my Halloween stuff I bought memento keeper and here I store my stamps,dies and accessories.

Also have on for m Christmas stuff and here you can see the front pockets.

Both are alreaddy in use and now it is so easy to find what I need :-)

Here is the link to the Scrap Rak ,

And here is the link to the memento keeper,

Thannks for stopping by and have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. Oh, what a great store sistem for scrap stuff! So useful!

  2. Cool :-D Thank you for sharing Anne :-D

  3. Can you show us where this sits in your craft room

  4. Thanks for sharing this great system Anne, my craft room is in need of organizing and I will try out the basic system.


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