Monday, August 11, 2014

Tutorial on how to make the Botanical Tea House mail box

Hi everyone :-)
Here is a tutorial for how to make the mail box.

I used 3mm thick chipboard but you can use thinner and layer 2 together.
Remember the measurements depends on how thick your chipboard is so you may have to adjust it a bit



Sides. If you are making the sliders with fence on the side you need 2 of each.

Cut out for windows and door. I used a good craft knife for all my cut outs.
I draw the front on decor paper before I assemble the box so I had the template for it.

Glue on the inner sides with hinges on front and back. I cut hinges at 1 and score at 1/2.

Use the cut outs on the front and glue them on the back.

Cut out an extra part for the door and glue on with hinges front and backside. I used Tyvek envelopes because the are strong and wont tare. It is great to use Xyron sticker maker for the Tyvek hinges but you can also use other strong glues. Just make sure it will hold and it is a good idea to try it out on a piece of paper first.

Make a shaddow box for the door also. Glue the side strips on the backside so the door can close.

Front finish build up :-)

Glue the sides to front and back with hinges inside and outside.

Same for the bottom. For the outside hinges I used tyvek envelopes. Think you can find them in most office supply stores.

Glue on the top inside and outside.

Cut hinges at 1 1/8 and score at 1/2 and 5/8. Here i used tyvek strips on white cardstock to make it strong. Then there is 1/8 room for the slide out roof.

Glue the hinges on. Fasten a magnet on the top and glue on 2 strips of seambinding like shown on the picture. Great to use scor tape for the hinges.

Cut out the slider roof in medium weight chipboard and fasten the seambinding so the roof is 3 3/4 on the outside of the bottom roof.Fasten a magnet under the slide out roof top so it meets the magnet on the top roof.

Glue on decor paper and leave a bit on the outside and fold down. I used a Martha Stewart punch for the awning end  but you can also use banners from the banner cardstock cut outs. Fasten the top roof on the hinges.

Measurements for the side pull outs.
If you dont like to cut out the fence ( Kind of hard lol) You can just cut 1/2 inch around.

Cut half way through the chipboard with a craft knife or with cutting board . Fold careful each to form it half round.

Cut of the top so it fits the height of the sides ( was planing to use the left over top on the box but did not use it)

Glue columns together with a inside hinge. I bit tricky so I gut out 2 strips of chipboard. Glued them together an pulled inside the columns to make sure the hinges glued well down.

Glue the columns together with the side pull outs with hinges in the middle of the backside columns.
Cut hinges at 3/4 and score at 1/2. That leaves 1/4 inch for the backside columns.

Make the hinges on the sides the same way as on the top and glue on seam binding.

Glue decor paper on the slider inner sides and glue the outside panels on the hinges.

Measurements for the port top. This was a little to short so cut it at 7 inch.

Measure the inside and glue on chipboard plate on the backside windows and door. Measure a plate on the top to cover up the gap. Glue on with hinges.

Measure the window opening and cut out a square. Cut 1 x 1 inch template and drew as show bellow. Cut out so you get a window rung.

Glu the mullions on paper and leave 1/2 inch to fasten. You can also use border from the paperline over.

Bottom outside grass mat. Round the corners.

Finish decorated with Botanical Tea and A Ladies diary papers :-)

Papers and dies can be found at Kreativ Scrapping

Supply list:
Botanical Tea and A ladies Diary paper collection, 3mm chipboard,glue,magnets,Tyvek envelopes,magnets,craft knife, Punch, white cardstock, seam binding and score board.

Link to strong and affordable magnets,

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,
For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Hope this is helpful and that i wrote it so it is easy to understand. Used Google translate for some words and hope I got it all right lol

Hugs, Anne


  1. Omg! Annie,you do gorgeous projects.i love the way you make them.its always something different but the way you put everything together is amazing.Thank you so,so much for always sharing your projects.

  2. Annie muchas gracias por compartir un proyecto tan hermoso

  3. This is so all the are such an inspiration to all of us...thank you so much for sharing...

  4. Oh Anne, what a pretty box. I agree with Gloria, you are such an inspiration for us. I like all of your projects very much and try to make my own. Thank you for all that.Love Christina

  5. Very impressive! You are an engineer ans an artist!

  6. This is one really pretty creation !!!

  7. Es realmente precioso, que creatividad tienes ,admiro muchísimo tu trabajo, me encanta.

  8. HI Anne can you do a tutorial for this please........

  9. I have tried to make it for my daughter and I failed. Is it possible to do a tutorial for this please?


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