Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tim Holtz Grunge Book Lamp

Hi everyone :-)
Made this working lamp for my fathers 80 year birthday and had so fun making it out of chipboard and papers.
My father love cars and have been working with motor all his life so I tried to make it a bit masculine car theme.
Used papers, accessories. and dies from Tim Holtz  and had so fun making it grunge and a bit old looking.
Here is a picture of the finish lamp with the accessories. to go in the drawer and book box on the side.
It is all made out of chipboard.


 There is a working clock in the middle And have the rain man and some gears for decoration. The clock can be taken out to change the battery.  Made a steering wheel out of  gear die and just cut out so it became a wheel. Used stickers and spelled out 1966 CA Cobra steering wheel  can be taken off and then the Cobra spell will show. Same car inside the shelf That my father used to have.

Drawer decorated with map paper .

Inside the drawer is a clip board, book mark and envelope.

Seen from the side. The lamp shade is made out of 4 - 12 x 7 papers and scored every 3/4 inch .Folded back and forth.Made holes and threaded the chain through about 3/4 inch from the top.

 In the left book I made sort of a shadow / configuration box.

Inside the book there is a picture of my father in his first car :-)
Also have film strip, clock key,wheel,nuts. skews, and washers. The chain is puched out with a EK success punch.

On the backside I have some gears. Clock key cit out of chipboard 4 times to make it thick and key holes for decor.

 Right side.

Used desk top die and layered the bottle 8 times. Cut out the inside part so the pencil with the feather fit inside.

Painet the pencil black and glued on the feather.

Inside there is place for the journal and on the side of the book there is a clop for notes and a pocket made out of gears.

Picture of my father inside the book box.

Here you can see the Cobra car. It was original blue and white but it did not fit the colors on the lamp so I painted it lol.

Hope my father will like  this lamp I made for him :-)

Also made an other Tim Holtz inspired lamp and here is the link to the video,

Papers, dies and accessories can be forund at Kreativ Scrapping

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,
For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Thanks for stopping by and have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. This is brilliant, Anne!! Your Dad is SURE to love it!

  2. Love this! I'm sure your father will - I'm sure he knows that his little girl is PURE talent :)

  3. A huge WOW from me Anne. An amazing and brilliant creation!!! I'm bookmarking to return to. Nicola x

  4. YOU ROCK as usual!!! I would love to make this!!!! Amazing and a testament to your creativity which seams to know no bounds!

  5. As always this is a stunning creation. What an amazing present for,your father, it is unique and I am sure he will really enjoy it. Absolutely fantastic!!
    Hugs Annie

  6. WOW!! Your Dad will love this!
    Take care & God bless Linda ;0)

  7. Wonderful lamp Anne. I'm sure your father will be very delighted with this lovely gift. Thanks so much for sharing. Karen.x

  8. Another beautiful project making a wonderful personalized gift for your father! I'm sure he's going to love it!

  9. WAUW WAUW WAUW Anne, det er simpelthen fantastisk lavet, og din far vil helt sikkert elske hver lille cm af det, er jeg sikker på, hvem ville ikke det? Det er helt genialt udtænkt og simpelthen sååå fantastisk flot lavet. Jeg er totalt målløs af beundring for dit flotte projekt.

  10. Anne this is a fabulous project!!!!!! Wow, your Dad is going to love it. Your work is extrodinary. You should think about selling tutorials on so many of your projects. I would definitely love to recreate this one. It is hard to tell the size from your video, but it is way cool!!!!!!!!!! Just love your work Anne.


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