Monday, April 7, 2014

Test Snapguide Tutorial G45 Typography recycled desktop writing set with a journal

Hi everyone :-) This is my first project posted on Snapguide. Would appreciate if you let me know if you like this better than posted tutorial with pictures on the side. Thank you and have a wonderful creative week :-) Check out How to Make a Desktop Writing Set With a Journal by Anne rostad on Snapguide. Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link, For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before. Here is the link, Hugs, Anne


  1. Such a beautiful piece Anee. Love how you covered pencils with washi tape. Typography is one of my favourite papers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us all. Karen.x

  2. This ia a nice view, I need to check it out, TFS

  3. Such a beautiful project Anne, but I must admit, I preffer the oics here on the blog, so you have it all together, so you can see all the steps toggether, casue I don´t have my computer near my scrapplace, so this will mean, I have to run forth and back all the time to see the next step, and I can´t do as I use to and just mark all the steps and print them out, so I can take it all over to my scrapspace when I start a project.
    But that´s just my opinion ofcause.
    But I love your gorgeous project here, it´s soooooooooooooo awesome made.

  4. Hi Anne
    This is a beautiful project. Loved the detail in it. Have to confess that I am big fan of blogs with pictures already in the body. I think it makes it easier to see. Also if you have temperamental internet connection like we do here in South Africa, if the net goes out, even if we have a page open - if there is a slideshow, video stored online etc - we cant look at that. So personally, I prefer a blog with pictures.

  5. A really clever and beautiful project
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Anne, beautiful project with lovely detail. I also prefer the blog with pictures. It is so much easier to see the steps that you go through and they are always so easy to follow. Thanks for all you do Anne, Your projects always amaze me and I find them stunning!


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