Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shabby chic lace shoes makeover

Hi everyone :-)

Got some beautiful laces from my friend Linda at Livartnow and decided to alter some old shoes I did not use any more. So happy how they turned out and will have them for decor in my garden room :-)

The shoes where black and I painted them first with white gesso and then 3 times with white paint.
Then used Claudine Hellmuth multi matte to glue on some thin curtain lace over the whole shoe. Ohh my then they turned out blue after a while.... Did not think about that the multi matte would react with the paint so had to paint all over again with white paint. Then it looked great and the lace structure still shows up :-)


Also used some laces from Annie and here is the link to her beautiful Etsy lace shop,

Side of the shoe. Used a lot of different laces and cut them apart. Layered on top of each other and had so much fun playing with all the wonderful laces I got :-)

On the backside I used an applique with pearl dangle that I got from Linda and she bought it at Pavipavia on Etsy.
Here is the link to her shop,

Used a Chinese braided trim around the shoe and this is really good to work with. Also from Annies Etsy shop. Then glued 4 mm flat back pearl trim on top.

Left it open on the front to look like shoelace opening.
Also used a applique on the front and I cut of 2 of the pearl dangle and glued them on the side.
Pearl on the butterfy is from One Little Dreamer and here is the link to her shop,
Butterfy is from WOC and here is the link to they`r shop,

Seen from the other side.

Some pictures without the fabric. 

Made both the shoes the same and now it is time to put them in my garden room :-)

So fun playing with laces and cut them apart :-)

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,
For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Here is the link,

Hope this give you some ideas to recycle and alter a shoe. Thanks for stopping by and have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. These are spectacular, Anne! Absolutely gorgeous ~

  2. Wow, very steampunk looking. These are very pretty - nice work!

  3. So worth the effort Anne they are stunning
    Elaine H X

  4. You sure think 'outside the box', Anne, what an amazing idea! These are very beautiful and so vintage. Gorgeous.

  5. These are em...tfs

  6. Happy Easter!
    Mama mia! I am in cultural shock!
    These shoes are for Queen!

  7. Parabéns, ficaram perfeitos os sapatos, maravilhosos; adorei a riqueza de detalhes.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me where to get affordable laces, pearls and embellishments?


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