Sunday, September 15, 2013

Steampunk Spells envelope mini album tutorial

Hi everyone :-)

Have made a new mini album tutorial with the Gorgeous Steampunk Spells Collection.
This is a Graphic 45 Design Team project and will link to theyr blog as soon as it is published. 

This album has a lot of details and fussy cutting, but you can make it more easy by using more of the cut outs and stickers fro the collection. Will also show how you can make the die cut outs your self if you don`t have the dies

Video of the finish album

Video tutorial part 1

In this first part I will show what we need to make the envelope album, how to bind it and measurements for tags and I will show some fuss cutting
Measurement for the arrow.

 Here is the arrow tag cut out.

Measurement for the tag

Video tutorial part 2 a

Part 2b

In this video we will decorate the 1. inside envelope. Make  a flip out page.some tags, pockets and I will also show how you can make your own spider web

Video tutorial part 3a

Part 3b

In this video we will decorate the 2. front envelope and the flap.
Make some fold out pockets with hidden place behind, shaker tag, and inside arrow tag.

Video tutorial part 4

In this video we will  start decorate the 2. envelope back side. Make a house fold out, a large flap, pockets,post card and I will also tell how you can make your own house,bike and grass if you don`t have the dies
Here is the link to the fence tutorial that start at 14.25 minutes in the video

Video tutorial part 5

In this video we will decorate the inside pager of the flap we made in the previous.
An other flip down pocket.decorate with banners, tags and on the other side there is a slider pocket

Video tutorial part 6

In this video we will decorate the front of the 3. envelope.
Make a flip out, pockets and tags. Will also show how you can make your own tree if you don`t have a die.

Video tutorial part 7

In this video we will decorate the 3. envelope back.
Make a slider pop up and tags. Will also sew thread on the hot air balloon.

Video tutorial part 8a

Part 8b

In this video we will decorate the front of the 4. envelope.
Make pockets, gear fastener with chain an key, shaker tag and a arrow tag.

Video tutorial part 9

In this video we will decorate the 4. back envelope.
Make a flop out page, pockets and tags

Video tutorial part 10

In this video we will decorate the 5. envelope front.
Make a inside slider tag with the bird moving, tags.and making the closure flap

Video tutorial part 11

In this video we will decorate the backside of the album and sides.
We will make a magnet frame, pockets and tags

Video tutorial part 12

In this video we will make a flip up page for the front side.
Make some slider frames. flip out pocket and tags

Video tutorial part 13 final
Part 13a

Part 13b Final

In this video we will finish the album :-)
Decorate the front flap, make a little booklet and side flap

Close up picture of the pocket 

Supply list:
Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells 12 x 12 - 8 x 8 and 6 x 6 paper pads
 Stickers,Chipboard and cardstock cut outs. Metal staples
Bazzil cardstock.Score tape.Scotch quick dry glue.Glossy accent.Crackle medium. Chain.
Spellbinders,Tim Holtz and quickcuts dies. Gears from TH an Sacrafters.
3D foam.Wire.Fethers and acetate packing for the shaker tag. Magnets.

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,

For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.

Hope you can use some of the ideas and that it is a bit inspiring.
Have fun creating :-)

Hugs, Anne


  1. wow what a wonderful album, so many details, look forward to seeing the videos

  2. Hi Anne
    Where do you get the tyvek from? I live in England and I've never seen it.
    The album is fantastic and I can't wait for the tutorial so I can make one along with you.
    Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous creations.
    Big hugs
    Vikki. Xxx

    1. I get mine from, but there are other places. try a google/search


  3. Wow! You are an endless fountain of Steampunk inspiration and creative bliss. This is fabulous and thank you for sharing your how-to. Uber creative and detailed...

  4. Anne this album is absolutely amazing! So many pockets and hidden compartments. So much inspiration. Thank You for the tutorial and video.

  5. I love everything about this album, it is fabulous!

  6. Woooooooow!!!!! Great work! <3 it!
    Hugs, Celia

  7. Good evening Anne

    WOW! I never fail to be amazed by your wonderful creations - truly breathtaking! I too am really looking forward to see how these were made. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, you really are an inspiration to us all. Enjoy the rest of your day
    Margaret A.

  8. Fantastic, you make me see things from new angles. Love the album :)

  9. I don't visit or watch you enough & if you see my comment at g45 today, I just know I would never achieve what you create!! However much I watch videos or read tutorials, I don't have the gift, simple as! I am in awe of your abilities, truly & a little envious (ok,.a lot). This project & all you put your hands to is a work of art!! You are so generous in sharing, cannot imagine how many hours you put in?! Amazing! :))

  10. Wowzers Anna! This is just amazing - can't wait to see all the videaos and have a go myself, although can't imagine my effort will come anywhere near yours, but it'll be lots of fun trying! You must have put hours and hours into making this and putting the tutorials together, and you're so generous to share it with us, thank you ... and happy Halloween! :o)

  11. I just LOVE your creations, Anna! I have worked on 4 so far, this one will be my fifth. I agree with AnnieC, you are so very generous in sharing all your wonderful tutorials with us! I have learned a lot from watching you! Incorporating what I have learned from you in my other projects makes me look great! I give all the credit to you, though! Thank you so very much!

  12. Gracias por hacernos disfrutar visionando tus tutoriales, eres ran generosa que compartes tu sabiduria con una sencillez tal que parece cualquier cosa que haces facil de hacer. Contigo he aprendido a amar el scrapboking, he aprendido a disfrutar del tiempo que estas haciendo tus trabajos.... Para mi usted es una buena maestra. Muchas gracias

  13. y love your work,This is just amazing
    hugs Akkina

  14. Hi Anne. I watched 8 parts of your videos toady and enjoyed them so much. I will finish watching the rest tomorrow. I so love how you do all the fussy cutting. So now my task is to cut out all kinds of things from my Steampunk Spells papers. I may have some questions along the way as I try some of your techniques. Love the sliding page. And the flip balloon tag. Love it, love it, love it. thanks as always for sharing.

  15. Hi Anne. I looked all over for the envelopes you used in your mini album and I can't find any. Could you please tell me the measurements so I can make my own tubes? I have all the papers, just need the tubes to be able to start my album. thanks so much.

  16. I to can't find the envelopes I need the measurement so I can make mine own I hope have a great day


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