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Graphic 45 Bird Song. May Art ribbon storage box and bow creator - Tutorial

Hi  everyone :-)

Got so many beautiful ribbons from May Arts and was looking for a good place to store them and see all the beautiful ribbons to easy find them when I needed to use them in projects.
Did not have any good place so I decided to make a storage.
Remember to have seen some ribbon plastic storage with holes and wanted to make some similar.
Here is what I came up with!

This is a Graphic 45 Design Team project and here is a link to the blog post,

Used 3  8 x 8 match boxes and glued them together .Drilled holes on the 2 top boxes.
There is a drawer in the lowest. Also made a stand for it and behind the back plate is a bow creator so this furniture is very functional :-)

Used the beautiful Bird Song collection and used ornate metal label holders on the front so it looks like drawers. The lower box is actual a drawer lol

This box can also be used to store your metal staples if you don`t glue the drawers so the matchbox sides.

Fast and easy to make drawers from matchboxes :-)


Bow maker Tutorial starts at 6.30 in the video.

Here are the links to my scrapbook storage units,

Here is how it looks like without the ribbon.

 Hidden bow creator behind the back plate

Front picture

On the back I have the wider ribbons.

Here is how it looks like under the cover
Used candle in the inside of the box and also on the inside of the drawer to make them slide easy.

The top box is hinged behind so it can be folded up to put in ribbons.

 Plase for finish bows ore metal staples in the drawer.

Plase on the top for some bows as well.


Made a template for bow creator by folding an 4 x 8 1/2 thick copy paper i two.
Cut away all the x

Then yo get this template to draw on thick chipboard 
I used 1.9 mm thick chipboard but you can also use 2 thinner and glue them together.
Sand it good around each bow creator.

Measure with the box and cut off the rest.

Score tape is great to glue it together.

Tyvek envelopes are strong and great to use for hinges so the to boxes fold together.

Used magnets for the top cover

Made a back plate to cover up the bow creator when it is not in use. This stay in place behind the top cover.
Made the template the same way as the bow maker by folding copy paper in two and draw how I wanted it.

Same for the bottom stand.

I find it easy to use repositionable tape on the templates so it stay in place when i draw around.

Chipboard can be hard to cut so I use my scissor and cut near by the drawing line first and then cut into the line.

Made hinges from Tyvek envelopes.
Cut 1 inch and score at 1/2

Glue the hinges on inside and outside.

Now it should look like this.

Chipboard on the top is cut  about 9 5/8 x 9 5/8
You need to adjust a bit depends on how thick your chipoard is.

More hinges for under the shelf. 
Cut strips of black paper at 1 inch and score at 1/2

Cut 1 1/2 strips chipboard and glue them on cross over

Also the other way.

Made a template to drill the holes on the sides.
Cut a strip of paper 8 1/5 x 2 inch
Score at 1/2 on both long sides.
Turn around and score at every 3/4 inch

Used my drill and drilled small holes first and then used a larger drill so the ribbon fits.

Supply list:
Bird Song,Metal door pull, 3- 8 x 8 matchboxes  from Graphic 45,May Arts ribbon,Chipboard,black paint,score board,score tape,magnets and a drill :-)

Hope this was helpful and have fun creating :-)

Regarding questions there is a video where frequently asked questions are answered and here is the link,

For other questions they will be answered here on my blog where I will post new questions that has not been answered before.
Hugs, Anne


  1. Hi Anne, It's very late and I am just off to bed but I couldn't turn in until I had looked at your blog and WOW! what a fantastic project. Sadly I haven't had time to look at the video yet but I shall certainly make time tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Margaret (in the UK)

  2. Another GORGEOUS project......So very clever too......
    Thanks for sharing it......

  3. Anne this is another amazing creation....this would be so easy to make...just like you said and give such easy directions....thank you so much for sharing this with us..I always look forward to your it..

  4. I love it dear, you are an amazed talented lady, congratulations!!!!!

  5. WOW - What a great, clever and nice project you've made.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards, Anette


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