Friday, July 5, 2013

Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells Top Hat Tutorial

Measurements and step by step how to make the top hat.

Made this so it will fit 6 x 4 photos, but it can also be made smaller! Just adjust the measurements.
I used medium weigh chipboard

Folded a copy paper in 4 and drew a line so I got the oval shape
Cut out 3 in chipboard

Then cut out a strip about 28  x 3/4 inch and glued on Tyvek envelopes for the hinge

Glue the strip around the oval

Cut a strip 1 inch of black paper and score at 1/2
Cut them about 1/2 inch and glued on with Score tape

Use the template and drew on a larger chipboard and then mark 3 inch around.
Cut out.

Wet it down a bit with a wet cloth to make the chipboard fold easy and find something to round the sides.

Glue around the inner line and glue down the shelf.
Put something heavy on so it glues well.
I used dies.

Measurement for the side.
Folded a copy paper in half and cut at 4 inch
Cut out as show on the picture

Use the template and cut out 

Side chipboard cut 8 x about 28 inch
Cut out 2 strips 3/4 and glue them on to make the end stronger.
Glue the ends together.

Glued together to of the oval circles and glue them inside the hat.

 To make the " film strip" slides easy I cut out 2 1/5 x 7 1/8 and scored at 1/2 and 2.
used a pen to get a bit rounded shape.

Used a bit molding paste on the top to cover up where it not fits to the edge.

Used black paper and cut out 12 x 6 3/8.
Used score tape for the back side.
Line it up with something straight ( edge of your table)

Glued each together so the ends meet.
Cut out so many you want your strip to be long  :-)

Not always easy to get it straight so cut off the rest.

Roled it around a spray box and glued like show bellow with 2 score tape strips so it holds.

Rolled up the rest of the strip and used elastic so it holds the shape ( over night )

 Used kitchen towel holder and cut it at 7 inch for the middle part inside the hat and glued on Tyvek envelope on the end for hinge. Glued on black paper around with Claudine Hellmuth Multi Matte.

The rest of the kitchen towel roll I used for the bottom part.
Cut off a bit so it fit inside and glued on Tyvek envelope for the hinge.
Cut out 2 circle black paper.Cut into the the hinge in strips and glue on the circle

Glue inside the hat

Painted black and put the film strip inside.

Used some old sun glasses on the front.

Glued paper on the film strip with Claudine Hellmuth multi matte

Bend the strip  when you glue down the decor paper

Finish and ready to put inside the hat

Glued the steampunk girl on after I put in the film strip

Hope this was helpful and that you want to give it a try :-)

Hugs Anne


  1. Wow!!! This is amazing, as always! So beautiful and creative.

  2. Anne I m amazed with this project, congratulations, its gourgeous!!!

  3. OMG what a freakin MASTERPIECE!!! Thank you for the tutorial. I am going to attempt this one day. :) Awesome job you did!!!


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