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Frequently asked questions and answers

Here I will be answering questions from You Tube, Blog,
 Mail and messages that have not been posted before or answered in the video :-)


will answer all new questions that has not been posted before here

19-07-13  have a question How many paper pad do you buy I see you made alot of items with little Darling and a Ladies diary
Answer: Sorry I do not remember how many paper pads I by. If I make many projects I by more than one of each. 

 25-7-13 Tim Holtz carousel storage tower

Are you going to be selling the instructions to make this? If so I am so interested. I love this.
Answer: Bellow the post there is a tutorial with measurements how to make it.

27 - 07 - 13 Olde Curiosity Shoppe album - tutorial
Do you worry about your paper holding up to all the opening and closing of these pages and their accessories? The card stock that I find locally in bulk seems to be pretty weak.
Answer: ! I use Bazzil card stock that is strong, but it can tare over time if it not handles with care.

28 - 07 - 13 It does not translated correctly when I press the translation in your videos
Answer: Sorry for wrong subtitle translation of captions in the videos. This is done automatically so there are quite a few wrong translated words in my videos since my English is not perfect.Hope this does not cause too many problems for you to understand what I am saying.

03-08-13 Where can you find black pop dots? I can't find them anywhere
Answer: Just surch for 3D foam and most large online store have them. and

13 - 8 - 13 Anne, you have the chipboard at 8 5/8 by 8 1/8. The paper that has the journal block and calendar which you attach to the chipboard is 8 1/2 by 8. How does this line up?
Answer: I am not sure I understand the question but it is 1/8 showing up chipboard on the outside of the paper.The 8 5/8 is the height and the strip is showing up on the front side. Hope that answer your question :)

14 - 8 - 13 Will you please tell me how you glue the Tyvek to the black paper for the binding? thank you.
Answer: I use Xyron or Score tape

14 - 8 - 13  I'm going to try the Olde Curiosity Shoppe album. I would like to bind it with my Cinch. Do you have any suggestions on how? Also, who makes the slot corner punch? I would love to have one. Thank you for your time and creativity!
Answer:  If you use your Cinch you have to make a binding that is may be 3/4 wide plus the hinge. So I think cut it at 1 inch and score at 3/4. Try and see if may be 1/2 inch is enough. The slot punch is from Marvy Uchida

17 - 8 - 13 how do you prevent the chipboard from bending when wet with paint or wet glue. What kind paint should i use, solvent base instead of water base. I am not an expert crafter, and sometimes i have these problems when constructing something
Answer: I use water base paint. The plain chipboard can bend some times for me also. Then I lay it flat with some books or anything heavy on top over night and usual it is  straight in the morning.Hope that answer your question :-)
18 - 8 - 13 Graphic 45 French country double tag": Beautiful tag! How did you join the two tags together? 
Answer: I scored the back arrow on top at about 1 inch and glued them together on the top over the score line.
26 - 8 - 13 By the way, I noticed you used Claudine H. Multimatte mostly - when I use a decoupage glue, it is sometimes "sticky" after it dries, does Claudine's ever feel sticky after drying?
Answer: Claudine Hellmuth  and Ranger glue n seal have never been sticky on anything I have used it on. Have tried some other brands that was sticky after drying. Think may be it is about where you live and how dry the area is how the glue works.
29 - 8 - 13 What was it that you used as support for the binding in How to make a mini album from start to finish part 1 . The rubber thing?
Answer: It is black cardstock with xyron glue.
5 - 9 - 13 How to make a slider pop up mini album tutorial part 1.
Hi Anna, did you put glue on the tyvek, or did you buy self adhesive tyvek somewhere?
Answer: I used xyron sticker glue , but you can use any type of strong glue you like :-)
6 - 9 13 Tim Holtz Carousel storage tower How did you make the tower turn?
Answer:I used a spinner that was for an old "thick" Tv.
10 - 09 - 13 I'll immediately grab your rss feed as I cant find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you've any? Kindly let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.
On the right side you can subscribe and a bit longer down on the right you can get mail when I post new projects. Sorry don`t have any newsletter.

15 - 9 - 13 Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary year book journal / mini album - tutorial  Not able to watch its blurry I been trying for 3days and still the same sorry it look lovely and I want to see it
Answer:  If you are watching on an Ipad it can be blurry. Have you tried on an computer? You can also click on settings and then higher quality. Hope that helps!

18 - 09 - 13 can you use mod podge instead of the studio ( multi matte) medium?
Answer: You can use any brand that is the same. Use what you have :-)
20 - 9 - 13 
What size was this magnet used? Answer: 10 and 3 mm
21 - 9 13 Hi Anne. I know it's a bit cheeky but could you cut out the haunted house in chipboard for me? I will pay for it and postage. Hugz Vikki xx
Answer: The shipping would cost so much here from Norway so I think it would be better for you to find it on Ebay or Etsy. Hope that helps :-)

23 - 9- 13 It gets better and better! Every page is a work of art. Question: how long does it take to do all the fussy cutting? How long does it take you from design to a finished album?
Answer: I never take the time when I create so I am sorry but do not know how much time I use for fussy cutting and creating albums.

25 - 9 -13 Envelope Mini album tutorial with Steampunk Spells collection 
Which tutorial do you show the binding on
Answer: In part 1 I show how to make the binding hinges and attach them to the envelopes. Then we bind the envelopes together as we go when the pages are finish.

30 - 9 -13 May I asked something, why can't put glue on the magnet? Will it influence performance of the magnet?
Answer:Yes the glue will influence performance of the magnets.

Envelope Mini album tutorial with Steampunk Spells collection 

absolutely love your videos. And I would love to know where you get your magnetics and what sizes you use ? And how do you go about designing your album. Do you plan it ahead of time or as you go or page by page? Please more videos can't wait til the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answer: I get my magnets from Supermagnets and on etsy. You can also find them on Ebay.
Use for the most 3mm- 10mm and 20mm.
The designs of my albums comes on the go. Work a little on each page and when I get stuck I co to another page.Hope this helps :-)

Hi can you make an Alice in wonderland diary please
Have made a puppet theater with a mini inside andhere is the link,

Is your spooky house template available for download? Amazing!
Answer:only have posted the template and tutorial on my blog. Here is the link,

Hope this is helpful and that you find answer to your questions you might have here

Have fun creating :-)
Hugs, Anne


  1. hi anna---I have been watching your tutorials for some time and am so in awe of your amazing talent. You do such amazing work on your projects with so much detail. WOW, a million times WOWO. I would love to be able to do even a little finger of what you do. lol.. But I am not as talented and don't have all those wonderful ideas you do. I want to ask a BIG favor, is it possible to make a tutorial for someone like me that needs less steps and less amount of supplies. I mean like maybe a one video tutorial, kind of like the basics. I don't have any of the beautiful papers you have (graphic 45 and others) or a lot of those supplies. I use cereal boxes and writing table chipboard. I use black acrylic paint and odd and ends and store bought paper for my mini albums. I can't seem to find any graphic 45 diary paper at any of the craft stores here in texas. I checked michaels, hobby lobby, ebay, I guess no one wants to get rid of theirs. lol.Do you by chance sell any of your pretty fussy cut items or scraps of paper. I would love to order some from you. Could you PLEASE, please make a easier video for me and maybe others that just cant keep up or don't have the supplies to make the albums such as yours. I would so greatly appreciate it. thank you so much for sharing all your talent with us on youtube. We are all soooo inspired. hope to hear from you. maria

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Maria :-)
    Have some one part video tutorials and you can find theme here on my blog under the labels- video tutorial or on YT.Will see if I can make some easy tutorials later if I get time. You can also such on YT for easy step scrapbook tutorials
    Sorry I do not sell fussy cut items or scraps. Use them for other projects but may be you can find it on Etsy?
    Have fun creating :-)
    Hugs, Anne

  3. What lovely ideas. So glad I stopped by today!

  4. Excellent video! I hate fussy cutting but after watching you do it, I think I might try again. It helps to have someone show you the right way to do it, to achieve beautiful results. Thank you Anne!!! Your amazing!


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