Saturday, May 25, 2013

Graphic 45 Secret Garden card video tutorial

Hi everyone :-)
Had a request on how to make the first page on the Secret Garden roof mini album with the zipper look, so I made a tutorial on how to and made it into a card.
The rest of the questions will be answered in part 2 

Video Tutorial

Here is the link to Lindas video where you can find the magnet tutorial on how to use them,

Here is the link to the flip fold out mini album tutorial,

And here is the link to Kreativ Scrapping where you can find the scotch quick dry glue

Inside the card

Also made a pocket on the left side for a gift card

Backside of the card
Also used distress dry glitter on some of the flowers

Measurements for the card

Hope this was helpful !
Have fun creating :-)


  1. Hi...not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but ever since you changed your background and because of the color of your background and the size of your font, I am mostly unable to read it possible to darken or enlarge your font a bit...thank you

  2. Beautiful card Anne! Love it! ~Hugs, Els.

  3. This is so creative Carol Ann.

    I like this.

  4. Are you Dutch.You have a wee bit of Motherland speaking. I watched your video but when I wanted to grats you on your comment page up came this note asking me about my profile name I use. Asking if I want to use my screen name or my real name. There is knowhere where I can say I want my screen name only for Youtube.

    So came back here to Grats you.

  5. You are from Norway I just read on your profile.

    To me being Canadian and my hubby Dutch. You all sound similar but the Dutch are more the Ggerrr

    in speaking. Ha,ha.

  6. A fantastic beautiful and creative card.mha en fortsatt fin helg :)

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for the great video.

  8. Beautiful project, thank you so much for the video, I have one question, where did you buy your zipper pull?

  9. I'm having the same problem as June-Marie above. The background is big and the text and tutorial information is tiny . I love your projects and hope this can be corrected.


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