Friday, April 5, 2013

Graphic 45 top 30

I am so happy and grateful to be chosen among the 30 finalists in the Graphic 45 Design team audition:-)
Now  I am really nerves and exited . So many talented artists!  Bellow is listed all the 30 finalists. 
 wish we all make it. Must be so hard for them to chose. 

It would be my dream come true if i make it all the way. So in love with the gorgeous and versatile papers and accessories from G45 :-)

Sorry i could not make the names to link so here is the address to Graphic 45 page where you can find all the links,

Okay, here it is! The 30 finalists (in alphabetical order) of the Graphic 45 2013 Design Team are...
Click on the hyperlinks below to check out our finalist's Graphic 45 design team auditions!

1. Alberto Juárez – Spain
2. Amy Voorthuis – Netherlands
3. Andrew Roberts – Australia
4. Ann Charoonpaisal – Thailand
5. Anne Elisabeth Rostad -Norway
6. Annette Green – USA
7. Arlene Cuevas - USA
8. Arumdati Wardhani – Indonesia
9. Candy Rosenberg – USA
10. Chie Nakao – Japan
11. Clare Charvill - United Kingdom
12. Denise Hahn - USA
13. Denise Johnson – USA
14. Evgenia Petzer –South Africa
15. Gini Williams Cagle –USA
16. Karen Shady – Australia
17. Maiko Miwa – Japan
18. Maria Cole – USA
19. Miranda Edney – USA
20. Monica Edwards – USA
21. Nichola Battilana – Canada
22. Olga Struk – Ukraine
23. Rhea Freitag – USA
24. Ria Nirwana – Indonesia
25. Romy Veul – Netherlands
26. Patti Senter – USA
27. Sabrina Radeck - Canada
28. Shell Carman – Australia
29. Stacy Rodriguez – USA
30. Susan Lui – Singapore

Congratulations to our 30 finalists! We are so excited to see what the final round will bring! Here are the instructions for what is required for the final round! We are thrilled to see your final projects and we wish you all the best of luck in the final round!


  1. Big congrats to you!!! I checked out quite a few of the finalist's projects and I definitely think you deserve to be part of their team next year!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Gratulerer så mye!!!! Lykke til videre!
    Fantastisk mye flott du lager!

  3. Congratulations Anne! Your work is wonderful and you would be a wonderful addition to the G45 team. Good luck.

  4. Congratulation Anne, its very well deserved, I might add, your work is OUTSTANDING and you will the their best designer, well thats what I think.. Have a wonderful day and will look forward to what you create..

  5. CONGRATS Anne!! You 100% deserve to be in the Top 30 AND on their new Design Team. You are seriously crazy amazingly talented. I was in awe again last night over all of your projects. I wish you lived in the States so I could take a class from you or just watch you create!! You have my vote and I know you have a HUGE following of fans who feel the same. Good Luck!! : )

  6. Congratulations Anne, I sure hope you make it, your work is just outstanding, so much detail and love goes into your projects. You really would be a good fit for the G45 team. Good luck.

  7. Congratulations Anne. I only found your blog recently, but I love your work, and visit you every day. I hope so much that you are chosen for the team!

  8. Congratulations Anne, I keep my fingers crossed for you.xxxSara

  9. Hurray Anne!!! so well deserved ! ofcourse you will make it through, your designs are wonderful and your artistic and creative talent shine through all the beautiful work you share with us. Congratulations!

  10. Hurray Anne!! of course you will make it through - your work is wonderful and I am not surprised that you are recognised also I am so grateful that you share your artistic and creative talent with all of us - Congratulations!

  11. Fantastisk bra! Lykke til videre.... Krysser fingrene :)

    Ser du har word verification på comment boxen din. Jeg husker ikke helt hvordan jeg tok vekk min, men gå inn i settings å se. Det er mye lettere å legge igjen en kommentar når den er fjernet. Lurt å ta vekk nå når du er videre i G45

  12. Congratulations!!!

    You really deserve to be a Graphic 45 D.T. You are a very talented lady and the Graphic 45 designs suits perfectly with your style. Hope you make it through the next round!

  13. Congratulations on making the top 30, I hope you make it all the way, you are so talented and they would be crazy not to give you a DT position, hugs Sara xxx

  14. Congratulations!!. You deserve the best, not only because of your great creations but also for your fabulous tutorials. For me, you are a winner. Good luck!!

  15. Congrats Anne. I can't imagine you not making it. Your creations are just so wonderful and inspired. You get my vote. thanks as always for sharing.

  16. Congrats!!!!! I cross my fingers for you!!!!

  17. I am rooting for you, your work is exceptional. There is no way you won't make it with your talents.

  18. I was thrilled to see your name... You would be an asset to their team. All the best to you!

  19. Congratulations!! Surely, surely you'll get on the team - your work is breathtaking!
    Alison x

  20. Congratulations Anne!!! You're the best, I'm rooting for you!!!


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