Sunday, February 24, 2013

Place in time desk top for yearbook memory album measurements - tutorial

Here are some measurements for the desktop box

I used 1,9 mm thick chipboard. If you son`t have that you can layer 2 together
 You need to adjust this measurements  depends on how thick chipboard you use 
Inner box
Back 11x8 - front 11x6 and 2 sides 10x8 ( cut of 2 inch on the sides up in an angel to the end)

Front with drawer
Cut out 9x5 and then cut off about 1/4 on to sides for the drawer to make place for hinges and decor paper ( then the drawer should be  8 3/4 x 4 3/4 )
Sand the edges

I used an oval to draw an opening

Hinges are cut at 1 and score at 1/2
Use hinges both on inside and outside to make it strong

Bottom and top of box is cut at 11 x 10 1/4. 

Strips are for the top of the box and they are cut at 1/2 inch wide

Inner shelf cut 10 3/4 x 10

Hinges on both sides 8 under and over)

                                                       Now it should look like this

Glue the bottom part on with hinges on both sides

Here i have layered 2 strips together before i glued them on the sides of the box

Drawer measurements
8 7/8 x 4,5
9,5 x 4,5 - x2

Glue together with hinges outside and inside

Drawew bottom 9,5 x 8 3/4

For the outside box i drew around the finish inner box and drew 2 lines about 1/4 ouside to give it some room

side cut 10,5 x 8 ,5 cut down in an angel to 6,5 on one side

Ore you can place it like this on the inner box and draw a line and cut 1/4 hayer up

Used Tim Holtz Brackets on the edge die and cut it out on 11 1/4 wide paper.
Folded it i half and draw the rest

Placed it on chipboard and draw the top
Great to use repositionable tape to hold the paper in place
Tim Holtz scissors are great to cut out chipboard

Then i draw it one more time about 1 inch under the first
Draw i inch on the sides and measure how hay you want it
mine is cut  19 x 11 1/4

Front outside box 11 1/4 x 6,5
back outside box 11 1/4 x 8,5

Glue together with hinges and  use the same measurement for the top as the bottom.
I glued to layers together for top ad bottom to make it stronger

Drew around on the decor paper before gluing this part to the box

Also made the same decor on the front using the same template

Flap for the inner box
Cut of 1 inch of the end 
Cut 1,5 inch strip a bit shorter to go under the 1 inch strip to hold the flap

Used Tyvek envelope to make hinge for the flap on the inside and outside
Tyvek is really strong and will last much longer than paper
You can find it in office supply stores

Cut 5 x 2 inch - x 2 fore side panels inside where the drawer goes 

Here is the finish result and finish to decorate with papers and embellishments 

Have fun creating :-)

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  1. All your works really really inspire me. Thanks!

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