Wednesday, October 3, 2012

steampunk Eiffel tower sign with tim holtz Ideaology equipment.


Hello everyone .Want to share this steampunk mixed media Eiffel tower i made for my dear friend linda . This tower is made of chipboard and painted it black. Then crackle painted an went over with white paint and used black distress ink to get the look i was after. Used a lot of Tim Holtz hardware, stamps and get the steampunk look.Also used Lindy`s black embossing powder

Here is a link to Linda`s channel. She has some great tutorials on mixed media and clay :-)
Have fun creating :-)

Feel free to copy this tower if you want to create it :-)
 The tower is made from one piece of chipboard and cut half way with a knife between the each side.
then cut out the rest with a knife

Used tyvek envelope stripe to glue it together and painted it black 

Painted the outside black andcrackle medium random around 

Put 2 pieces of chipboard inside to stiffen the tower

When the crackle medium was dry i painted over with white paint

Wish you all a great day and thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. Anna, you are a very generous person. I cannot imagine any nicer tribute for someone who has taught and shared their talent than to receive a gift like you made Linda. You have such imagination, thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  2. You obviously worked very long and hard on this project - it is fantastic! Congratulations! Linda is over the moon with it, and rightly so!

  3. Anne, this is truly amazing!! Really SO clever (doesn't cover it but brain not finding better word)
    Awe inspiring & thank you for tutorial, not sure i would come close to your work of art but can do something using your techniques. I lived in Paris when younger so very close to my heart!
    Thank you!! :))

  4. You are incredibly clever and talented. I enjoy seeing your work and know I could never come close to creating it. It is awe inspiring to say the least! Thank you for sharing.


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