Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween in Wonderland puppet theatre and mini album

Graphic 45 is having a challenge for September and i thought i wonted to participate with a puppet theatre :-)

The challenge was to use a household item and and use paper and staples from 
in an autumn or Halloween theme 

If you want to participate you have to email G45 before 20 September
and if you want to vote for me go to Graphic 45 Facebook page and click like from 21 September :-)

Will make a video of it as soon it all is finish.
Some detals and make finish the album left lol

Here is what i came up with
Wanted to create something that was fun for children to look at
and maybe get them inspired to create something by them self :-)


From this

To a puppet theatre 

Newer photos. Changed my mind on the sides lol

!. page in the mini album

Created this album to write the story and also place for pictures

Back side of the album

Used metal tag staples for the closure. They are magnetic so i used magnets on the side of the box

Curtains can be foldet together and place for the mini album inside

Here is a picture of all the things to use in the theatre 

Mini album to write the story about Alice and for pictures

Created some open strips on the top to slide in different images to tell the storry

This images are fastened on acetate strips and go inside from the top of the box

This is going behind to create different backgrounds. There is a lot of 3d effect here

This is going behind to create different backgrounds. Never ending table with tea and flower pot

acetate background for when Alice falls down in the rabbit hole

Some pictures how it started

Wish you all a great day :-)


  1. Bravo, très jolies réalisations.

  2. Nyyyydelig og kreativt som alltid:):)

    Ønsker deg en flott helg:):)

    Klem Merethe

  3. How do you make those cool curtains? The are similar to the ones you had on your Olde Curiosity Shoppe Shadow box.

    1. Hi Sheryl,

      The curtains are made by scoring every 1/4 inch and folded. I use caluduine hellmuth on the curtains so they wont tare before i score.Have fun creating :-)

  4. Fantastic work! Such a wonderful imagination!

    I so enjoy watching your videos.

  5. Another AMAZING creation from our Anne... Good Luck in the Graphic 45 challenge...I'm sure you will win with this fabulous project. Children will love it as well. Keep up the great work... I so enjoy following your creativity.

  6. Sensational puppet theatre, Anne! What an extraordinary piece of recyling... I would love to vote for you but I'm not a Facebooker (and it's staying that way!!), I"m so sorry...
    Alison x

  7. It's brilliant Anne. I love both miniatures and puppetry and also recycling the most unlikely objects. This project combines all of these to perfection.

    Sadly, like butterfly above, I am not a Facebooker and never will be, and so can't vote for you....I'm very sorry about that.

  8. Another fantastic creation, Anne! I love all your work and your wonderful videos are so inspirational and instructive. I will go now and vote for you on FB and hope you win. You certainly deserve to!

  9. So imaginative! Love the idea of the different backgrounds. and the curtain--wonderful. What a wonderful imagination you have.

  10. Anne, you never cease to amaze me with your extraordinary creations. Your Puppet Theatre and puppets are Fabulous! Off to vote for you on FB and wish you luck! You should get the Gold Metal!!

  11. What an incredibly magical and talented idea! When I was a child, I made a puppet show by putting my paper dolls on popsicle sticks and holding them from the bottom up (like finger puppets). The acetate idea from the top down is genius!

    Can't wait to see the video.

  12. WOW Anne, this is absolutely amazing!!! I Love this!!! You my friend are so wonderfully creative!! You rock my world with your fantastic creations. All the best of luck in the contest, I really hope you win, cause you deserve it 100% tfs, Big warm hugs, Linda

  13. What a fantastic peace of artwork, children and adults like me, love this! This kind of things I don't make, but it's so nice to see. I wish you lots of luck in the contest!

    Greetz, Gonda

  14. I wish you luck and hope you win the
    G45 prize. You continue to amaze me with
    your creative projects. You are pure inspiration and each new project is more splendid than the last.

  15. Inspiring! I will definately be voting for you. I love all your creations, but this has blown me away. Amazing as always. Thanks for sharing, & good luck in the contest.

  16. Every time that you have something new I'm happy.
    You made my day at work.
    Keep on posting your craft and inspire me and the others...

  17. What kind of cutter do you use for your albums? Are you using chipboard? Your album is beautiful and have been watching your YouTube videos. Thanks so much

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words :-) I use xacto cutter ,knife and scissor to cut chipboard.Usual i use chipboard, but in this album the pages was only papers.
      Hugs, Anne

  18. You are an amazing person. Love your projects even tow I never try to make any of them. I don't think I have the patience you have. I wish to live close to you so I'll be your shadow so I learn all your ideas lol. Thanks for your videos love them.

  19. You are the Queen of detailed paper cutting. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. If I only had 5% of your patience, not to mention a really steady hand! I have learned so much from you over the past year.


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