Sunday, August 12, 2012

Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary year book journal / mini album - tutorial

Cover yearbook  journal


Hi Everyone. I want to share this new year book journal  and i film it when i made this journal so there will be a tutorial how to make it. The journal has 4 pages and are made with thread binding.It also have a calendar inside. Used chipboard for the cover and the fold out flaps.
In the first video i will show what you need to make it and also the book binding cover. This can also be used as a mini album.Hope you will give it a try and have fun creating :-)

I used the gorgeous A Ladies Diary from Graphic 45 and Spray from linystamgang.
Had so fun making this and hope you can get some ideas to make your own book :-)

Here is the link to Fiona`s Etsy shop`where she has a lot of different fun things.

And here is the link to Clares great fussy cutting tutorial

Wish you all a good Day :-)

Book open

Inside cover

Flap inside

Flap open

1. page inside

1. page inside

Bacside on 1. page and 2. page front

open flap on 2. page

Backside 2. page and front 3. page

Flap open backside 2. page

Flap open 3. page front

Inside 3. page

Inside 3. page

Back side 3. page and front 4. side

Memories board front 4. side

Without tags

Backside 4. page wit pocket and paper clip page on cover

Pocket open with tag outside

The other side of the tag and envelope on the side back cover


From the side

Flap open on front cover

Back side

Thank you for stopping by and all the sweet comments :-)


  1. OMG Annes!!. As always, a beautiful creation with a fantastic video. Thanks a lot for sharing your work. You're a great artist and a lovely person for sharing your lovely art!!. Thanks a lot. Your creations are an inspirations for me. :)

  2. Anne,

    i loved your creations and this inspririd me to make some of this project on may way. But I have a load of work in front of me and than you cone what this lovely project. My time is to short!!! thanks of al your wondefull ideas.


  3. Un trabajo precioso cuando lo ves solo puedes decir¡¡¡ impresionante !!! hace tiempo que te sigo y siempre me sorprendes con tus creaciones.Un saludo desde españa!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This album is so beautiful. Your creativity is amazing!! I hope to,get my hands on the G45 papers to make this album. Also, thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  5. Du snakker - hvor flink du er, nesten så jeg blir stum!

  6. J'adore! love!love!love! c'est magnifique!


  7. Dear Anne, I discovered your YT tutorials from Fiona (Jennings64)and I want to tell you how inspired I am by what you do! I'm sorry I can't leave comments on your channel as I don't have one of my own. I am loving the tutorials on how to make this journal/yearbook and I just HAVE to buy these papers! Your style of presentation is wonderful and so informative. By the way, I also have a little dog exactly like yours who is by my side always in my craft room. He is called Teddy (because he looked so like a teddy bear) but I think I should have called him Velcro because he is always stuck to me! I don't mind that because I wanted some company in my craft room and he just curls up and goes to sleep. In fact my craft room is his bedroom, lol! Thanks again for being so generous in sharing your knowledge with all of us!

  8. Oh what a lovely album! goodness!
    Im very envious of your talent!
    Just gorgeous!

  9. hello anne,
    I am watching a lot of your youtube channel's and always when I think, that is unbelievable stunning what you doing, then it come's another one stunning project. I love what you doing, this journal yearbook will be my next year project, this is soooo stunning. this little darling book with the bed is breathtaking. did you make this bed too?.
    have a fantastic weekend. Kerstin

  10. Hello Kerstin,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and i am glad you like my projects :-) Yes i made the bed for the little darling and there are oictures of the pattern here on my blog if you want to use it.
    Have fun creating your journal yearbook :-)
    Hugs, Anne

  11. Hello Anne,
    I have just discovered your beautiful projects on Youtube, I am in heaven! You are so talented and love all your stunning projects, I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to seeing what amazing projects you come up with, thank you so much, Debbie from Queensland, Australia.
    PS. I am going to try and make your yearbook journal, can't wait to start it.

  12. Hello!

    I have just finished watching the videos for the Journal Year Book with A Ladies Diary. I was so fascinated by your skill and creativity that I watched all 12 videos back to back with one short break. I am so in awe of your talent and the work of art you created in the making of the journal. How I wish I could take a class with you. Your tutorial is excellent but to watch you work and learn how to create such beauty would be a dream come true. I have put your video list on my favorites and now I will start to watch them all. Halloween In Wonderland is my all time favorite of Graphic 45 papers and the next of your tutorials to watch and try to make one for my own.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.I am so happy to have found you and your blog and your fantastic tutorials! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  13. I'm so happy to have found your blog and videos from a link on The Paper Boutique. Your paper creations amaze me; they are so beautiful, inventive and inspiring. I greatly appreciate that you recorded the videos in English so I can follow along.

  14. THANK YOU ANNE for sharing this work of art with us... I am so excited to get started with this project...The only problem I have is getting to the computer.. Husband has it most of the time... again you are so kind to share this with all of us.. This is a ton of Work.. Pray Blessing on you my Dear Friend...

  15. Anne thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am getting ready to make this and really appreciate your care in putting all the video's together for us. I'm a visual learner and love them.

  16. After spending several days crafting this project with you, I feel you have become a friend. :0)
    This was so much fun to make and it turned out so nice. Thank you for your patience in making the videos and using your artistic ability to help this artistically challenged crafter to make something beautiful.

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  18. Do you have a complete supply list for this wonderful journal?

    1. I am sorry but did not write a supply list for this journal but in the first part I tell and show what you need to make it. Hope that helps :-)

  19. Hello Anne
    I'm Gisela, 74 years old from Dusseldorf Germany
    I am so impressed by your lady Yearbook and Diary have now started 3 days ago to work the book!
    It's been a little difficult, because I have my English very forgotten and everything is in inches! You explain it so well but I can understand it yet!
    Is also a pity that I was not this great blog with all the beautiful images have, but only 1 sheet of "A Collection Ladies Diary." But I'll try my best!!
    You might have pleasure times to visit my blog? I would emich thrilled about it!
    I am grateful for today for the great tutorial and I wish you a super great weekend!
    Hugs Gisela


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