Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My funny little puppy

Hello everyone. Just want to share my new Maltese puppy with you. He is so sweet and gorgeous. Wimsy ( he`s Name ) does so many funny things and i get  many good laugh every day :-)
He is 11 weeks and i have had him for 14 wonderful days now.

Wish you all a great and happy day :-)


  1. The video is so cute, my sister has a Maltese dog. They are very lovable and friendly and when they look up at you with there big beautiful eyes your heart melts. Thanks for sharing, Hugs.

  2. I love Wimsy! He is so adorable and peeing outside so well already. Even playing fetch at such a young age is so darling to me. I hope we get to see him grow up on your videos that you share on You Tube. It has been many years since she left me but I still miss my little Jabber. Thanks for sharing a part of your personal time with us. And please keep sharing Wimsy with us. You've brightened my day with a visit from him. Oh almost forgot the projects are very nice. I saw them on You Tube. Thanks and Best Wishes with Wimsy.

  3. Anne, he is SO cute...I agree with the playing with the plastic tub...I have two cats that would rather play with a paper box than an expensive mouse toy from the store....Can't wait to see more of Whimsy and watch him grow....tfs...Dee

  4. Aw:) Wimsy is sew sweeeeet:) Thank you for sharing this with us:)

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Sweetness, i have a new puppy her name is Bella she is now 16 wks old. Arent they just the best?


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