Monday, July 9, 2012

Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary Purse organizer,boxes journal projects - tutorial


Hi everyone. I had so fun creating this different project and going to use them to keep my organized ( i hope lol)

 For this projects i used A Ladies diary 12x12 and 8x8 paper collection from Graphic 45

Purse organizer, glasses box, container, altered mirror,journal

Tutorial begins on 21 on how to make the accordion fold for the expandable pockets. Hope you want to try it :-)

Here is the link to Annies  ( msgardengrove1 ) blog shop where she sells a lot of laces and goodies,

Close up pictures

Purse organiser inside

Back side

Inside back side

Here you can see how it can expand 

Butterfly created of 2 sizes metal butterfly from Graphic45, some laces. pearls. chain and seam binding

Box for my glasses

Container made of a metal food box

Altered mrror

2 different journal books

Journal inside 

Iamroses flowers sprey`d with lindystampang sprays

More flowers wit laces 

Here are the measurements for the accordion fold for the expandable pockets

Close up

And here are the measurements for the middle chipboard part and the flapa

I have put a strip of Tyvek envelope in the scor line to make it strong
Here is how it looks like when all the pockets are glued together

I also put on some magnets on each side 

Glasses box

I have cut half way through the chipboard so it is easy to bend round

Used a sirckle punh and measured around how long strip of chipboard i needed for the box
 Glued it on Tyvek envelopes and cut like you see bellow

Rolled the chipboard around a bottle, sprayed it with water and took 2 rubber band around over night so it got the shape

Glued on the cirkles on the sides

Glued first on the magnets on one side and took some paper between the magnets and then glued them down to the other side. In this way you get the magnets streight.

Again some rubber band around for some hours

Wish you all a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. This was well worth waiting for!! Absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to start.

  2. OMG!!. I have no words to express the wonderful creations you have done. So ... WONDERFUL!!. Thanks a lot for the video and the explanations. Really .... Your work is SUPER!!. Thank you VERY MUCH. :)

  3. This is an AMAAAAAAAAZING work!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. yayyy Anne!! I am following you now!! And I see your pic on adorable you are!! Looking forward to getting your updates on here as well as YouTube!!!

  5. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! What a beautiful project! Our local store has this new Graphic 45 paper and I bought a few sheets of each one. I knew Anne would be making something with it... Now I will have purchase more. Thank you so much Anne, for your wonderful inspiration. Where do you find the time now with your cute little puppy and these gorgeous projects!

  6. wow, those are so pretty, although pretty doesn't seem big enough to describe them as. gorgeous creations and thank you for the tut hugs Karen x

  7. Anne, this is stunning!!!!Is there anything that you can't do with paper????I've never seen anyone work with paper the way you do, it's incredible...thank you sooooo much for sharing...
    I would so like to learn how you made the bigger diary, the one you inserted some tags you have a tutorial for this? If not, would you consider showing us how to make one? The biggest of hugs, Anne...
    Denise Trottier

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Denise. I have no tutorial for the small books only for the purse. Working on a diary now and hope to make a tutorial on it later this summer :-) Hugs, Anne

  8. Wholly macaroni!...This is creative!! Stunningly gorgeous!!! To scrap like this would be a dream. Love it!! Mary

  9. Hi Annes, I am new follower, I came from Annie's blog and found yours. The Ladies dairy is so pretty and I love the two journals. You are so creative and Talented and your art work is gorgeous. I want to thank you for all the tutorials you share with all of us. I love graphic45 paper and I love what you did with the little darlings paper.I have been wanting to create a cradle with that paper for a long time but did not know how to do it. Now I am going to try, you have inspired me to start creating with so many beautiful projects you did. Hugs always

  10. oooh I love this, I just received the 8x8 pad of this collection today, cant wait to creat with it. I already know what I want to do. Hugs Sara

  11. Absewlutely STUNNING! I am sew happy and inspired! Thank you sew much for sharing, You are amaaazing:)

  12. Graphic 45 introduced me to you and your work today on its blog. I am overwhelmed at your creativity and genius. Your artwork is so expert and beautifully created. Wonderful.

  13. I have followed your UTUBE videos for a while. You are one of my favorite artists. Thank you so much for all your inspiration and time you share with us. Love and Light

  14. I saw you work featured on Graphic 45 today. You have such a great talent and your projects make the best use of the papers. Wow! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

  15. Just amazing! To make it even better my father in law came from Norway! I am a subscriber now! Thank you for sharing all of your talent with the rest of the world!

  16. Love your creations. I can understand why Graphic 45 was eager to show your work. You are a very talented lady. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  17. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of art!!! I am totally a fan of yours now!!! Hugs from Texas USA

  18. Your jobs are my inspiration, you are an artist Anne!!
    I´m appreciate if you comment the tuto of magnetic thin because I going to re create in the 1st Crop in Córdoba, Argentina for 35 "ladies" scrapbook fans. Thank you very much for blog, is really very cool (sorry for my bad english)

  19. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Sandra:-) I am sorry but do not understand what you want me to comment. Can you please ask again in your own language and i can use Google translate.
    Have fun creating :-)
    Hugs, Anne

  20. Gracias Anne, mi pregunta es sobre como hacer las figuras con iman, tienes un tuto? y que tipo de papel (o cartulina) has utilizado para la base del purse... que densidad tiene dicha cartulina. El proximo 9 de marzo realizaremos la 1era. Crop de Scrapbooking en Córdoba, Argentina y vamos a re-crear tu maravilloso trabajo... hasta pronto!!

    1. Hola Sandra, no estoy seguro de lo que quieres decir y crear formas con iman? ¿Google tren fingir que no siempre es el traductor correctamente lol. Usuario Bazzil prismatiks al caso base. Esperamos que te diviertas en el golpe del 9 de marzo :-)
      Abrazos Anne

  21. Anne, you creations are just beautiful and an inspiration to us all! I wish I were a friend so that I might sit and enjoy a time of crafting together. How kind you are to do your tutorials in English so that those of us here in the states might learn from you. I love your laughter when you can't think of a word in English, but all in all, you speak English very well! And you even give us exact measurements in inches rather than in the metrics I'm sure you are more familiar with. How thoughtful! Thank you for the time you take to make the videos which inspire us all! You are a very talented lady with much to offer in the arts!


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