Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sneak peak on a Christmas mini i am working on.

I used my custom cuckoo clock die to create this album.
Take a photo copy of a blanket i am sewing on to get the images.I made my own sand paste using sand and Claudine Hellmuth matte multi medium.
Hawing so much fun :-)


  1. love what you are creating!!! Can't wait to see the end mini!!!
    best regards,

  2. This is just too cute can't wait to see the video

  3. So many ways to use this die cut.
    Your newest mini with it, is turning out lovely, looking forward to seeing the completed project :)

  4. wow. so great project, so much care for details. I'm looking forward to seeing the competed project.

  5. This is so beautiful. You are so talented. I am now following your blog. I am also a subscriber to your youtube channel. I go by shy smiling moose. My real name is Francine. I don't have a whole lot on my blog, but I am working on it. Hugs, Francine :)


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